A few weeks ago, I shared some vintage Disney figures created by the toy builders, Louis Marx and Company.

Vintage Marx figures- click photo to read more

Although the toy company went out of business in 1980, they made many different types of Disney toys and today’s Yesterday’s Collectible comes from the Marx company too!

The twistable figure is a little bit less than 6 inches tall and does stand on its own.

Although I did not get my Pinocchio figure off eBay, you can find some there along with Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket. (And no, it is not my eBay listing).

Pinocchio set

Wouldn’t it be so neat to own that whole set?

Thanks to those who guessed on social media- be on the lookout for new clues soon for the next post!

I hope you enjoyed this special look at a Disney collectible that is over 50 years old! To check out previous Yesterday’s Collectibles, head HERE.

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