Vintage Disney items are something that can hold an interesting history in two ways. For one, the item itself has a history and tells about what products are popular at a time and even about what companies Walt Disney worked with at that time. Second, the product can show what characters are popular during that given time.

Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and his nephews have blossomed in fame recently with the relaunch of Duck Tales. They’ve always been popular characters, though judging by today’s Yesterday’s Collectibles.

This wallpaper border was from the 1940s. Mine is not in wonderful shape: it feels old (it is about 80 years old!) and has some tears.

There are some available online to purchase and most postings seem to mention that the roll has tears in the beginning few feet. I didn’t dare to unroll my whole border in case I would damage it further.

It’s also interesting to note that in addition to Donald and his family, Pluto is featured! He must have been popular then!

I wonder where this wallpaper hung… Doctor’s offices? Nurseries? Toy stores?

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