The Disney Wisdom collection has been such a fun success thus far. January saw the release of Dumbo, February had Mushu, and March was Baloo. April 20 (in the United States) will have the release of Piglet! See below for more details.

Following Piglet, there will be these two releases…

How adorable are they? I had assumed that the wisdom quote of the month would match the plush, but May’s Meeko from Pocahontas is certainly not Grandmother Willow. Truthfully, I had already envisioned a Grandmother Willow plush and it was incredible. Instead, Meeko it will be!

Looking towards the remainder of 2019, these will be the quotes…

Does anyone want a Wart plush? That one will likely changed to something more popular, possibly Merlin.

This all came following the successful 2018 release of the Mickey Memories line and all the details of monthly releases can be seen HERE. To learn about what each monthly release will have, click HERE.

Will these releases be more popular than Baloo, which I shared has been a sales disappointment?

Which upcoming release are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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2 thoughts on “Piglet, Meeko, Lumiere Wisdom Collection Preview

  1. Disney Store UK released what plush all the quotes are on are. Not images of all of them, but at least what character. Also, it is not an Inside Out quote, it is from Aladdin and is going to be on Genie. Again, the quote is not on Wart either. If you look at the Disney Store UK site it will list what characters the quote will be on.

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