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Last year’s Mickey Mouse Memories collection from shopDisney and the Disney Store was an incredible success. People set their alarms and camped out early to get their hands on the monthly plush, pins, and mugs before they were marked up on eBay.

Mickey Mouse Memories

At the end of 2018, Disney announced they were going to try to capture lighting in a bottle again in 2019 as they would do another monthly release series called Disney Wisdom. This features a different monthly character and a quote. These would be found on the plushes, mugs, pins as well as journals, shirts, signs and more. Despite the excitement about the series before its release, it seems that it has not been as popular as last year’s.

The first indication of Disney Wisdom’s waning popularity was when this month’s release of Baloo still had everything available for purchase days after its release (buy those here)! When a Mickey was released at midnight Pacific, it often was sold out within 30 minutes or less. The fact that Baloo was still available days later was not an indicator of strong sales.

I decided to do some further investigating yesterday and drove to two different Disney Stores: one regular store and one outlet. Both stores had the Baloo pins and mugs, and one store even had the plush left. The outlet said they had just sold their final plush earlier that day. This was a week after the release! There were also some lingering mugs from February’s release of Mushu.

I asked the Cast Member in both stores and they both said it’s definitely not as popular as the Mickeys were. They also said that Baloo was the worst selling of the series so far. According to them, the hopeful shoppers lining up prior to the store’s opening haven’t really needed to get there early because the releases have not been as popular as the Mickey Mouse Memories.

I asked them why they thought sales were not as strong. One Cast Member suggested that it was because people have been ordering them online and therefore don’t need to come into the store. That more than likely isn’t the true reason, though, as they’re still not sold out online and last year there was also the online sale option, but shoppers still lined up outside the Disney Store.

What is a more likely option is that there was such excitement over being able to collect 12 different Mickey Mouse plushes to celebrate his 90th birthday and that excitement isn’t there for this series. Collecting quotes just isn’t the same as collecting Mickeys. Also, the popularity can change depending upon the month’s character. Obviously Baloo isn’t as popular as Dumbo or Mushu, as those products all sold out online fairly quickly and very little remains in stores.

So what does this mean for collectors? It probably means that this series is not as valuable long-term as the Mickey Mouse Memories. But that shouldn’t stop you from collecting the pins or plushes of the characters you like… or the whole series if you’re loving it!

Remember, collecting is about having fun and if you’re loving the Disney Wisdom Collection, then keep on collecting!

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