There is no doubt that Disney’s Wisdom Collection has been a success so far and it is sure to continue with the March release.

Each month there is a release of a plush, pin set, mug, and journal. There are also online exclusives such as a T-shirt and poster. Last month was Mushu. This month’s character is the Jungle Book‘s Baloo and the wisdom quote of the month is “Forget about your worries and your strife.” And all the items feature a uniting color- teal, my favorite!

TThese all go on sale at 3:00am EST/ 12:00am PST on Saturday, March 16 on or at the Disney Store when they open.

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Disney has already released a banner that is meant to be used to display your monthly pins and it comes with a free pin! That is currently available at the link below.

Are you excited to get your paws (or claws?) on Baloo? Good luck getting them!

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