The book, Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse: the Ultimate History, is truly an ultimate book. Why? Read on to find out.

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Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse: The Ultimate History

The book, written by J.B. Kaufman & David Gerstein includes a foreword by Bob Iger. The book is massive. And I don’t just mean the almost 500 pages. I mean it’s size! It’s over a foot wide, 18 inches tall and weighs about 14 POUNDS! Of course a book chronicling Mickey’s life needs to be that big!

It is divided into three sections: the Golden Age, the Silver Age, and the Modern Age. The Golden Age section tracks Mickey’s beginnings from his first cartoons, through comics and radio. There’s a fascinating chapter titled “Unfinished Rhapsodies” which shows various concept artwork for Mickey cartoons that were never finished.

The Silver Age section highlights Mickey’s life in features, on TV and in the parks. Finally, Modern Age features three chapters: “Pop and Nostalgia”, “Cosmopolitan Mickey” and “Twenty-First Century Mickey”.

The book is filled with a crazy amount of beautiful photos and artwork and with the book being so large, the pictures are just stunning.

With this historical look at Mickey weighing so much, it’s obviously not a book for the beach or the airplane. But it is perfect for an afternoon spent pouring over gorgeous pictures with tons of history and facts to be learned. You won’t be disappointed!

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