For the last week in my Instagram I have been teasing the latest edition of Yesterday’s Collectibles. In the past I shared a vintage Mickey Mouse plastic figure, a Donald Duck projector, and a Snow White card game. Now it’s time to reveal the newest Yesterday’s Collectibles!…

This is a Mickey Mouse tractor toy from the 1950s.

The toy has a red metal tractor with rubber wheels and a rubber Mickey Mouse. His features are painted on, so his black nose has worn off by this point. It’s also interesting that his pupils are at different heights. The side of the tractor says the words “Mickey’s Tractor”.

The history behind this line of toys is actually fascinating. According to

Perhaps best known for its mid-’50s Gerber baby dolls, the Sun Rubber Company of Barberton developed a Mickey Mouse gas mask meant for American children to don in the event of a chemical attack during World War II. The collaboration sparked a postwar agreement granting Sun Rubber license to produce molded rubber figurines of Disney characters. These playthings tended to be well-loved (and well-used), and most did not hold up over time. 

Mine was actually given to me by a co-worker who was cleaning out a home. Lots of my paint is worn off, but it’s in pretty good shape otherwise. What do you think of this exciting Mickey Mouse vintage toy?

Here’s the first hint for the next Yesterday’s Collectibles… while this time many of you were “on the right track” when guessing, next time perhaps you will be on a roll!

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