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Disney Pin Binder

When someone collects anything special, it most likely isn’t so that it will sit in a box packed away. What does someone do with a collection of Disney pins, especially when it outgrows a standard lanyard? Here are some options to store and display your Disney pins:

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Pin Binders– there are official binders made by Disney with velvet lined pages to protect your pins. These can get heavy and full, but are such a fun way to show off what you’ve collected

My own pin binder!

Plastic Shoe boxes- perhaps you have so many Winnie the Pooh pins that a binder would be cumbersome? Then a plastic shoe box where you can see the contents might be the perfect solution. It’s also really useful when having series of pins that you don’t want to separate and are on larger cards.

Cork Boards- cork bulletin boards that can be leaned or hung are a great way to show off your collection. All you do is remove the pin back, pop the pin into the board and vwalla!

Many lanyards- this probably isn’t the most practical way to display your pins, but you could insert them all onto lanyard and display them on hooks. It could actually be a very cool display!

Headband pin ears- something I’ve become aware of recently is headband pin ears! These have cork board inside the ears for displaying pins and can be worn to the parks or at home. Although there is limited space to hold pins, these are incredibly cool! How amazing to be able to personalize your ears and show them off. I know I’d feel some true pride!

ParkHoppingPinsters headband pin ears

ParkHoppingPinsters is an Etsy shop that sells specialized pins and headband pin ears, as seen in the picture above. They’ve graciously offered a 15% discount to all Kingdom Collectors fans through January 18, 2019. Head on over to their Etsy Shop by CLICKING HERE and enter code KINGDOMCOLLECTORS for your discount!

If you’re wondering how I store and display my pins, here is what I do:

  • Pins that were traded (no backing) or bought without a special backing are placed into one of two binders that I have loosely organized by topic/character, etc.
  • Pins with special backing are placed into clear plastic shoe boxes so that I can find them and show off.
  • Sets of pins almost always stay in/on their provided packaging.

What do you do to store and display your prized pins? Is there some method you use that wasn’t shared? Comment below or on social media!

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  1. Hi friend, I have created a unique way to display pins, ears, magic band, and a photo from your Disney trip all together!!! Check out our Etsy site at MerMadeDisplays or on IG @mermade.displays!😊

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