All the Mary Poppins Collectibles You Need

Mary Poppins Returns

It won’t take a spoonful of sugar to enjoy all of the amazing Mary Poppins Returns collectibles I came across to share! 

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First up, as I shared the other day is the soundtrack. Whose Disney soundtrack collection could be complete without this sure to be classic?

Up next, some awesome figures such as these Funko Vinyls figures of Jane and Michael…

Or how about one of these two of Mary Poppins herself? (I’m a bit in favor of the Funko POP! one)…

Perhaps you want to dress a bit like the world’s most famous nanny? Even her collectible carpet bag is for sale!

Whatever your preference, there’s some supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary Poppins Returns collectibles for each of us!

Click on the pictures above to purchase!

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