Disney collectibles can range from the very small, such as pins, to the very large, like the BrickaBear 1000%. They can go from free (yes, you read that right) to the absurdly expensive. They can include characters as well known as Mickey to as rare as those from Meet the Robinsons. So it’s important to figure out what truly fits your needs prior to starting a Disney collection so you don’t end up with hundreds of pins that you don’t love or dozens of Vinylmations you don’t have room for.

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In the first of the HowToWhyToWhatTo series, I will begin to explore the WhatTo, as in what to collect. Here are some things you might want to consider:

Space – you’ll definitely want to consider space when collecting. Something such as a Disney pin takes up very little space, but then you have to figure out where and how to store or display it. If you collect plushes, you’ll want to keep them safely stored on a shelf on in a display case. Do you have room for those? What are some of your favorite tips to utilize space for your Disney collectibles?

Interest – this might seem obvious, but only collect Disney items you’re interested in! There are plenty of Disney Princess fans out there. If you’re not one of them, then steer clear of those collectibles and leave them for the rest of the fans out there. This ties closely in with the next topic of theme.

Theme – you might want to center your collection around a specific character, event, or Disney Park. Knowing what theme, or in many cases themes, you want to collect can help limit and focus your collection. This will save you space and money. Oh, the dreaded money!

Money – starting a collection can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Again, it does NOT have to be. In the weeks to come, I will share some very inexpensive ways to grow your Disney collection and some just happen to be 100% free. Of course to have a collection that is monetarily valuable you probably have to invest some money, but that isn’t the most important thing when starting a collection. It’s important to think about what you want to invest prior to collecting.

Happiness – why collect anything if it doesn’t bring you joy? The rush you can get when you get a new set of Mickey ears or frame a rare lithograph should be what drives your collection. For me, it’s pins, Mickey collectibles and vintage items. What makes you happy?

Whatever you decide to collect, everything listed here should help guide you in the right direction. What’s most important is to enjoy doing it, so have fun!

In upcoming parts of the HowToWhyToWhatTo series, I will explore all of these topics in greater depth and of course address some HowTo-s and WhyTo-s.

How did you decide what to collect? What did you feel was most important?

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12 thoughts on “HowToWhyToWhatTo

  1. Oh I love merchandise so much! I can’t help but splurge on a Disney Vacation – it’s the best! It’s been great blog hopping with you 🙂

  2. This is amazing! I wish I had these tips as a child when deciding to collect something. I still am not sure if I know what I’m collecting most days, haha.

  3. Great tips! I have a little bit of a pin problem myself but try to remember to just collect the ones that really “speak” to me.

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